Thank You Sacramento

We give a heartfelt thanks to all the people who have loved, supported and been a part of the Sacrament Music Festival, previously the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. With your generous donations of time, talent and dollars over these many wonderful years, we have accomplished the following:

With your generous support we have been able to successfully sustain a youth jazz camp every August for the last 32 years.

Because of you, we were able to stage the 2nd largest music festival in the United States for forty-four consecutive years.

With your help, we were able to sustain a fraternal organization of musicians that continued the music traditions of traditional Jazz, Swing, Blues, and Ragtime.

And, we were able to establish a foundation that will assure the future of this music for generations to come.

The Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society will continue our work in support of Jazz Camp and the many musicians that play, educate, and entertain, and we will continue to provide future events for you to continue to enjoy the fun of Traditional Jazz, Swing, Blues and Ragtime music. Sadly though, the time has come for our Festival to say goodbye, and rally our followers to support the “New” evolving and exciting Sacramento scene.

Thank you all once again,
The Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society,
Devoted sponsors of the Sacramento Music Festival, aka The Sacramento Jazz Jubilee

23rd Annual Rent Party – January 14, 2018

15 Fabulous Bands – The Best Rent Party in California

Come to the Rent Party
January 14th – 12noon – 5pm
Elk’s Lodge #6
6446 Riverside Blvd
Sacramento, CA
$10 Members, $12 Guests

Beth Duncan Quartet

Beth will sing the Blues and fold in latin grooves as well. This award winning recording artist pits fun twists on Great American Songbook selections with surprising rhythm choices and the occasional tasty scat solo, too. Beth recently won top honors in the 12th annual independent Music Awards (IMA) for the title track off her new CD. Musicians: Beth Duncan – Vocals, Joe Gilman – Piano, Steve Homan – guitar, Jeff Minnieweater-drums.

Black Tuesday Jazz Band
Black Tuesday Jazz Band is a high energy Jazz Band with a smooth and unique style of jazz and swing with a driving rhythm section and a versatile, solid front line. Black Tuesday performs renditions of great music from the early 1920’s Blues and New Orleans era to the swing era of the 1940’s and 50’s. They play music from Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, Sidney Bechet, Jelly Roll Morton, Clyde McCoy and Hoagy Carmichael. Suzanne Wiggins captures audiences singing favorites from Ethel Waters, Billie Holiday and Muriel Lane. Prepare to being entertained by this bands’ unique style and variety of music. Musicians: Dominic Ruggieri – leader/Reeds, Jan Buhlert – plectrum Guitar/Banjo, Alan Ginter – Bass, Mike Hudson – Trombone, Dave Johnson Trumpet /Vocal, Jim Laveroni – Drums/Bongo’s, Alan Shaw – Piano, Suzanne Wiggins – vocal

Bob Williams and Friends
Bob and his friends are Sacramento/Sacramento-ish based band of aging musicians who have been playing together in various incarnations for, well, a bunch of years. You will recognize some of them, if you squint your eyes, from the Wooden Nickel Jass Band. Grab a beer, lower your standards just a little, and come listen to them let their hair down! Musicians: Bonnie Otto – Piano, Bob Williams – Trombone, Dave Johnson – Trumpet, plus plus

Crescent Katz
The Crescent Katz’s off-the-cuff, no-rules, no-arrangements style hearkens back to the days when jazz was party music, and the party never ended. These high energy musicians in their 20s and 30s breathe new life into the music of the 1920s and 30s.Hootin’, hollerin’ and downright irreverence aren’t just encouraged they’re enforced. Musicians: Greg Sabin – Banjo, Brandon Au – Trombone, Justin Au – Trumpet, plus surprise musicians

Jay Paulus Society Band
Jay Paulus’ Society Band offers more than wonderful music. It’s a show, a dance, and for some, a concert with the audience encouraged to “Dance & Sway”. We perform swing, trad jazz, show tunes, a bit of rock & roll and a “little bit of country”. Jay’s diverse trombone sounds and Barbara’s ability to include the crowds leads to repeat performances wherever they’ve appeared. The word “Society” in the band name allows these co-leaders to include a number of renowned musicians to enhance the sounds for your special occasion. JPSB, members of the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society, perform at Jazz Clubs, Jubilees, and Festivals in Northern California including private parties, birthdays and memorials. We’re here to entertain you. Musicians: Jay Paulus – leader/Trombone, Barbara Paulus – co-leader/ Vocals, Charlie Gehlbach – Trumpet, Charlie Hull – Reeds, Jim Maihack -Piano, David Rees –Bass, Kate Rees –Vocals, Bill Chiechi – Drums.

Midnight Rose Jazz Band
Exciting-hilarious-energetic-spontaneous-entertaining-these words and more have been used to describe the Midnight Rose Jazz Band, one of the best loved traditional jazz bands today. This band has a unique combination of qualities and personalities that captivates audiences wherever they go. For over 25 years this band has been winning fans and bringing their own special brand of fun and entertaining music to jazz festivals and clubs all up and down the West Coast. Musicians: Danni Balser – Trumpet/Vocals, Nancy Kreis – Clarinet, Bonnie Otto- Piano, Jan Buhlert – Banjo, Rueben Smith – Tuba, Carl Warmdahl – Drums.

STJS All Stars
Over the years The Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society has been the home of some of the finest Traditional jazz instrumentalists in the field. Most of these musicians have spent countless hours entertaining audiences throughout Northern California in various Jazz Bands, not to mention our own STJS Jazz Sunday guests as well as backing guest artists as needed. The STJS All Stars have been the backbone of our great club. Musicians: Renard Perry – Trumpet, Paul Edgerton – Reeds, Jim Maihach – Trombone, Bob Ringwald – Piano, Bill Dendle – Banjo, Darrell Fernandez – Bass, Vince Bartels – Drums.

Todd Morgan Jazz Band
They are a young four piece band performing in the greater Sacramento and Bay Area and beyond, led by singer/songwriter/pianist/guitarist, Todd Morgan. The band’s music consists of original songs as well as songs from the 50s/60s up to the present day. This unique group of young talent can capture the audience whether performing Pop, rock & roll or traditional Jazz favorites. Musicians: Todd Morgan – leader/Piano & Vocals, Jessica Luna – Bass.
Set 2: 1:00 to 1:50 Gold Card Room

Seldom Herd Jazz Band
Seldom Herd hails from around the Sacramento/Auburn/Jackson/Stockton area and play that good old seldom heard music from the 40’s through the 60’s. They are an 8 piece band of seasoned musicians who have played with various trad and swing bands from the area over the years. Musicians: Richard Lockwood – Reeds, Chris Williams – Trumpet, Mark Kramer – guitar, Mickey Bennet – Bass, Carl Kaiser – Piano, Jack Stanfil – drums, TBA Trombone, Kate Rees – vocal

The New Traditionalists “TNT”

Established in 1989, the New Traditionalist’s “TNT” is the youth Honor Band sponsorded by the Sacrameto Traditional Jazz Society (STJS), which focuses on the performance of Traditional Jazz.The band is comprised of High School aged musicians selected each year by audition.

More bands to be announced in the next few weeks…

Fats Waller at the piano
A little History on how the Rent Party first began…

Back in the early days of the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society when the
musician’s union was stronger, STJS Exec Director Bill Borcher Made a deal
with the Union that once a year STJS would pay local bands to play.

In 1997, Ralph Thompson and Bob Ringwald were sitting with Dr Ed Lawless
and wife Dottie at a NOJCNC (New Orleans Jazz Club Of Northern California)
monthly meeting. It was the NOJCNC’s annual Rent Party.

In the early days of Jazz in Harlem, when a musician could not pay his rent,
the musicians would get together, have a jam session, charge admission, and
raise the money to pay his rent.

Bob Ringwald said to Ralph Thompson, that’s it. Why pay out money that
we don’t have and go in the red. Let’s have a STJS Rent Party where we
feature local bands. They would volunteer their time and talent in order for
STJS to pay its rent/bills. In those days, we were meeting at the Elks Lodge
where once again we are meeting now.

At this time in 1997 Ringwald was taking over booking the guest stars and
bands from Ralph Thompson. Ringwald let the local bands know that STJS
was losing money and asked them to volunteer to play the Rent Party. And
the rest is history.

Thank you, Bob Ringwald, for providing the history on the Rent Party.

This year we have fifteen (15) bands that have donated their time and talent
to help the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society to pay the rent for the
upcoming year 2018. Thank you so much!!!!